Plan Description

HIIT/Plyo Cardio Plan Vol 1   $45.00

This plan contains 15 days of HIIT/Plyo workouts. Cardio is like nutrition, everyone is going to be different! For this plan, I have 15 days of HIIT/Plyo exercises that you can incorporate into your workout as you please! Plan breaks down into 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, so you can advance at your own pace.

What's included:

  • Contains a detailed document outlining the plan, along with videos showing how to properly perform each exercise.
  • 15 days of workouts - I suggest no more than 3 times per week
  • Video demos
  • Cardio and HIIT information

What's needed:

  • Bosu Ball
  • Medicine Ball
  • Box Step
  • Loop Band
  • Treadmill/Bike/Any machine you prefer

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