Plan Description

Leg Home Plan Vol 1   $40.00

I have been asked quite often to come out with a home leg plan, since my gym leg plans have been so well-liked. This plan can be used for the stay-at-home mom, someone without a gym membership, or for anyone who just doesn’t feel like going to the gym certain days! I know that there are always days you just don’t feel like going to the gym, so this is a great alternative. This plan is intended to build muscle and gain overall leg strength. This plan can be used for beginners through advanced.

What's included:

  • Contains a detailed document outlining the plan, along with videos showing how to properly perform each exercise.
  • This plan includes 4 weeks of exercises. It is set up as 3 days per week (1 quad/hamstring focused day, 1 Plyometrics day and 1 glute day).
  • This is not a "challenge" so you can go at your own speed.

What's needed:

  • Exercise/Stability Ball
  • Set of Dumbbells
  • Resistance Band
  • Loop Bands
  • Ankle Weights

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