Plan Description

Leg and Booty Plan Vol 2   $40.00

This is a follow-up plan to my first leg plan! A lot of girls that did my first plan had amazing results, so I created a continuation plan. You may begin with Plan 1 or Plan 2, since there is no difference in difficulty between the two plans. This plan is intended to build muscle and gain overall leg strength. This plan can be used for beginners through advanced.

What's included:

  • Contains a detailed document outlining the plan, along with videos showing how to properly perform each exercise. Access to gym equipment is required
  • Plan 2 has 12 DIFFERENT days of lower body workouts than Plan 1.
  • Includes 4 weeks of exercises, 3 days per week. 1 quad/hamstring day; 1 plyometrics day (cardio based) ;1 booty/glute based day.
  • This is not a "challenge" so you can go at your own speed.

What's needed:

  • Access to standard gym equipment.

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