Client Love Story

My name is Crosby! I'm 22 and from Cleveland, Ohio! So first thing I just want to tell you what an inspiration you've been to me. I started following you about a year ago and I was constantly motivated by your post and inspired through your strength of being so real with us. I've struggled through anxiety and depression my whole life and always saw working out as a coping method. This past year was one of my toughest and I can say I was genuinely lost. I decided I needed a change and the first place I was going to start was my body. I purchased your summer plan not expecting anything of it. I honestly really wasn't motivated and I hoped spending money on the plan would light a fire under my ass. I decided to give your Week 1 day 1 a try and quickly became addicted to the feeling of being STRONG. Your Summer plan is more than just a trip to the gym for me it's been changing my life. With feeling good in my own skin quickly came the realization my mental health was so important too and I'm so happy to say life is enjoyable and I am not in that same place I was a year ago.

This first picture was the day I started your plan and the last is just after Week 4 Day 5. I plan on repeating this awesome Summer plan and keeping it forever.

Thank you so much for being such an inspiration and sharing your life with us! Your work is LIFE CHANGING


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