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My name is Michelle and I have been a loyal follower for a long time now. I have two of your leg plans, your new glute plan which I just completed, your HIIT plan, and gym full body workout plan. All of your plans are so affordable and so amazing. I have never felt so much confidence in myself. I've tried many plans before, but I feel like your plans gave me the most confidence. I know I haven't made much progress, but mentally I have and I feel like I look a little better as well. I'm gonna include some pictures because I feel like you should see what you give people by doing what you do. Also thank you so much for being so honest and loving Taco Bell just like me keep your head up and doing what you're doing. The pic is before I started and after I finished one round of your glute plan. Now that I know I can do it Ima push myself even harder and get more results. Thank you for everything you do.


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