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Hi! My name is Suzie, and I am so happy you are here! I wanted to tell you a little more about myself. I am 26 years old, and I live in Akron, OH. I grew up in a town north of Pittsburgh PA.

I think a big misconception of some people in the industry is that we were ALWAYS like this. I was not an athlete growing up. I wasn't motivated to do sports, and really felt out of place. I was super shy up until my Junior year of high school. People in school (unless you were my really close friend) knew me as the “shy girl.” I didn't love high school or college, and I had a hard time with being bullied in high school, and that continued into college. I think it's important to speak out about that.

I started my fitness journey the summer of 2013. It's crazy how quickly time flies. I was never overweight, but looking back, I was definitely not in good shape. That summer, I knew if I started this journey, I would commit 100%. Since that day, I've been in the gym consistently working toward my goals.

Here is where my Instagram journey started. My current Instagram was my old personal account that I've had since college. After making fitness a big priority in my life, I knew I wanted to share what I did and help anyone I could. I started uploading Instagram videos, with no goal in my mind besides helping one person if I could. Somehow, my page started to grow fairly quickly. Instead of just wanting to help one person, I have grown this platform to help thousands all over the world. It is truly the most amazing opportunity, and I pinch myself every day.

Thank you for following along in my journey and life. You babes keep me inspired and keep me motivated to continue to work hard, and crush my goals. I am here for you to do the same.

Love y'all

Xoxo Suzie


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