Instagram - @angeliinamariee

"I am a stay at home mom to a 15 month old and I wanted to find a program that could help me tone up. purchased Suzie's full body at home workout plan and it is the best workout plan I have done. It was easy to follow and my body instantly started to feel different. I didn't think I could have such challenging resistance training with limited equipment. I'm grateful that I came across this plan because I learned so much. Thanks Suzie! I can't wait to try out more of your workouts!"

Instagram - @sayruhray

"I purchased Suzie's Leg and Booty Plan vol 1 on Black Friday of 2016 and its been the best fitness decision I've made! I had no idea how to grow my legs but I learned so much from her plan! With so many different exercises I never got bored and by the end of each workout my legs were noodles! I've repeated her plan 3 times and I am so pleased with the results! My legs have gotten so strong and I've gained a whole new confidence in who I am! This was the first purchase I've made from Suzie but it definitely won't be my last!"

Instagram - @kaynort

"I started getting serious about my fitness journey about a year ago after graduating from college. I've always loved working out, but I started to really learn about what to eat, what moves were the best for maximum results, and started to buy different plans from insta girls- seeing some results but not exactly what I was hoping. And I FINALLY landed on Suzie's Instagram and immediately became super intrigued with her page (like literally spent an embarrassing amount of time scrolling through the videos and pictures). I ordered her leg plan and I'm absolutely obsessed! The picture on the right is right when I ordered the plan, the middle picture is after one round of the plan, and the picture on the left is after completing the plan twice. 8 weeks it took, only 8!! I absolutely love how Suzie's plan is set up focusing on booty one day and quads the next, cause this girl was looking for some serious quad gains! I'm so excited to get her upper body plan and see the same amazing results. Thank you Suzie B, my booty gains appreciate you!!!"


"I just wanted to share my results with you after doing your at home leg/glute program. This is a 4 week difference! Thank you for your great plans and making them effective and quick to do since I have a 3 1/2 month old needing all my attention!"

"The top is 4 weeks ago and bottom is today."

Instagram - @_wendys_journey_

"My name is Wendy Rucker and I'm from Kansas! To start it all off, I was always bullied in middle school and high school about my chubby figure, and as a freshman in college I started hitting the gym. I stumbled upon Suzie on social media and instantly felt inspired by her accomplishments, fitness related or not. I finally gave in and purchased the full body plan around January/ February of this year, 2017. After I bought a plan, I stuck to the program and started getting amazing results. Not only was her program the bomb diggity, she helped me realize I'm not the only person out here on the struggle bus with anxiety issues.. I will CERTAINLY keep sticking to her plans, telling her apparel, and keep following the amazing human being she truly is! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be and see the person I knew I was all along, even under all the weight!"

Dei Y.

"After months of trying a different plan seeing no results at all, I'm stunned and super proud of this 5 week transformation. I was super embarassed my first day in the weight room but Suzie's program made everything super easy for me. Only a month has gone by and I'm so happy I bought it. It's a plan that I can stick to and that clearly works. I would recommend it to anyone trying to get leaner and stronger. Get it girls!!"

Marie Roach

"My journey has came to an end.. but I'm not stopping now! I just completed my first Booty Workout Plan and I am in love with results! Although I am not where I want to be, I mostly definitely am further than where I was! I started the program four weeks ago and I stayed dedicated and pushed through (even when I thought I wasn't going to make it) I didn't miss a day."

"I am feeling very confident but mostly proud of my body and my gym routine! Suzie was amazing as far as Q&A's! If I had a question on a workout or how to replace and substitute she responded quickly with help! Which to me was awesome because with most trainers online you don't hear from them expecially after you purchase! Not only does she keep in contact via email, Instagram, and even Snapchat she is so down to earth! She makes you feel comfortable and like you have a supportive friend!"

"Needless to say I have no regrets except for not talking myself into buying the workout sooner! I am so pleased with the results I started the workout all over again!"

Mariah Christina Nicolas

"I purchased Suzie's leg & booty plan vol 1, and her full body plan. Both theeee most beneficial programs I've ever accomplished. Within just a few weeks, I've seen muscle growth in the right places and lost weight in the right places as well (thanks to her plyo/HIIT days in her leg plans.) She is constantly motivating and inspiring, and answers any questions or concerns about her programs. The most amazing thing about it (other than the fact that's is affordable) is that it's reusable and does not expire. I was able to go at my own pace and still see amazing results :) thank you Suzie!"

Instagram - @betsykocour

"I was able to complete your upper body and leg plan 1, 3 times! Not only did your plan give me the results I wanted, but they also gave me confidence. I would get too nervous and stressed going to my school gym, which led to me skipping days too many days to notice results. But thankfully, your plan changed that for me!"

"I started your plans for the first time over my Winter Break. I did them at home in my basement (I have 4 brothers so my basement is pretty much a gym lol), but I did not have all the necessary machines I needed, so I tried to improvise on those. Even though I couldn't complete it as stated, I did it to the best of my ability. Being able to do it at home first was the best for me, because it got me used to the exercises so I would feel more confident doing them in a gym."

"After the first time through I could tell I was regaining the muscle I lost from not being able to workout during finals at school."

"I then started it for the second time when I got back to school. I was so much more confident in the gym and felt like I had a purpose there- I also had access to all the machines needed. I am not new to lifting, but your exercises were so different they made me feel more confident and knowledgeable. And finally, the third time through (which I just finished this week!), was a breeze! "

"After the second time doing the workouts I not only started to notice result myself, but so did others. So many of my friends started telling me they noticed my changes, which made me want to do the plan again! I now have no problem going to the gym and actually get excited because I know I will see results."

"I want to thank you for valuing the girls that look up to you and follow your workouts, because the ability to talk to you personally was what motivated me and gave me confidence most of all!"

"I can't wait to incorporate your workouts into mine and focus on my diet more to see even more better improvements, not only can I see the muscle I can feel it!"

Instagram - @kelskelskelss

"Staying consistent with going to the gym used to be a huge issue for me; I never made it a priority. I followed Suzie on Snapchat and Instagram and quickly grew respect and trust for her. I decided to buy her leg/booty plan and, for the first time in a while, going to the gym and keeping myself on track wasn't as difficult as I was used to it being. Her workouts are so different than any other plan I've tried to follow. Each day is different and that really kept things interesting for me. The demo videos are a HUGE help because it's nice to see exactly how it's supposed to be done as opposed to just guessing or assuming. I found myself not wanting my workout to be finished. There were days where I added another set to each workout and days where I tweaked things a little to make it more challenging for me. I started to feel results before I started seeing them--and that just made me work even harder. I just bought Suzie's full body plan and I'm SUPER excited to try it out! Since following Suzie, I've made some lifestyle changes and I couldn't be happier. The gym is now a priority for me and the best part about it is the endless love and support from Suzie!"


"Last week I finished your Leg and Booty vol 1 plan and I just wanted to tell you how much it has done for me. I've been working out for 5 years now but my legs and bum have always been a problem, I'm short and hold my fat in these areas and have never been able to shake it. Your plan has given me focus and after the 4 weeks I now have real definition and my bum is definitely getting bigger and more toned! I have just started it again and can't wait to see the progress I'll make. It has also made me structure my upper body days in the same way as the plan (I can't afford them all yet!) - can't tell you what a difference it's made to me in more than just looks. More importantly than aesthetics I now have confidence that I lost a few months ago. I had completely lost my way in the gym and felt like all the work wasn't worth it as I just looked the same. The change I've seen in a month has shown me what real work is and how it can alter everything. I've been suffering with anxiety and OCD but every time I go in the gym to do the next day of the plan I forget EVERYTHING and feel brand new leaving the gym. I've now found the love I had years ago of going to the gym and can't imagine letting it slip again. I feel like I'm so happy again and love my body and the change I'm seeing."

"I just wanted to let you know if this is the effect you've had an one person then you must have changed many more people in this way and you should be so proud!"

"I've bought loads of plans before but your one is honestly the first one I have completed. I've really loved it, it incorporates moves and machines I love along with trying something new each time."

Instagram - @Cassidycalmeyn

"I've always been active and liked going to the gym but started to find myself not knowing what to do, or even what to work out. I knew I needed someone who would be there if I had question and was an inspiration to me. By far the most encouraging person! I bought the leg plan 1 and upper body plan and love them. These plans are definitely the best, and Suzie is even better!"

Instagram - @jessgenereaux

"I don't even know where to begin. Let's just say that Suzie's leg/glute program changed my life! I bought her program in January 2016, and completed it three different times, just increasing the weight each time. She made the program challenging, but so rewarding. Just after the first 2 weeks I noticed a HUGE difference in my legs and glutes. Suzie is so down to earth and so easily approachable, which made having her as a coach/mentor even more amazing. This girl is honestly the booty queen and I recommend her program to everyone"

Instagram - @babyniccc

"Getting motivated to work out is hard enough but staying motivated and dedicated is even harder. This has always held me back until I started following Suzie. I immediately bought her Leg Plan 1 without hesitation! I've completed both her leg plans more than once and I'm amazed by my transformation thus far. Her workouts are killer and leave me unable to walk the next day! I've never felt so prepared and ready to hit the gym like I do when I have her plans to guide me. Best purchase of my life, thank you Suzie for giving me confidence in myself. You're amazing and I can't wait for future plans from you." -Nicole Vasconcellos

Instagram - @Jessconfit

"I was looking for a trainer that I could relate to. Someone who would take the time to respond to me and my needs. Suzie is literally one of the sweetest human beings I have ever worked with! I have purchased both of Suzie's leg plans and I have never done the same workout twice! Her legs plans are amazing, and have changed my life! It doesn't matter if you have been working out for a month or two years, you are going to feel the burn with her plan! These plans are realistic for a beginner and appropriate for an advanced lifter. I have enjoyed every single minute of the workouts and I will absolutely continue to purchase her plans in the future!" Jessica Conway

Instagram - @Hannieejo

"Your plan helped me change not only my body but also my mindset. I had been active all throughout high school, either playing sports or going to the gym. At this point, I had been going to the gym pretty consistently for a few months and not seeing any results. It was clear I needed some direction in the gym to get where I wanted to be. This is when I decided to purchase one of your leg plans (Because they are so affordable, thanks btw!). I was able to finally see results within the first month, not only with my appearance, but also the way I thought about myself. I was proud of my body and its strength. I'm not sure if you can even tell a difference in these pictures, but I know I can :) I'm currently a freshman at Kansas State University, and I will admit it can be hard to get myself to the gym and establish a new routine, but I'm so glad I will always have your plans to help guide me!"

Instagram - @brookejoyner

"I bought your leg plan 1 and I have loved it! I love how I can use it how I want and not feel like I have to be so strict and on track with the days! The first go round I did every day when I was supposed to, but now I will take a few workouts from one day and a few from another and mix it up! I loved the first so much I think I'm going to buy the second because let's be honest you're goals! Thank you for being so real and honest and TAN! Here's a picture of around when I bought your plan and just about a week ago or so!"


"I am so happy I decided to purchase the lower body plan #1! It was so challenging and also kept things fun and new. I have tried a few other plans (that were much more expensive) and nothing made me feel like this one did, I highly recommend it! The best part is that you can switch it up to your own preferences and intensity level, and Suzie is always there when you have a question or comment. Not only do I feel more confident on the outside, I also overcame mental obstacles! It takes a lot to be motivated every day but with this plan to refer to, it makes it so much easier and enjoyable. I'm doing it the second time around and can't wait to see more progress :)" Name not shared at client's request

Dalajia W.

"I seriously put my faith into this program and I'm extremely glad I did, especially because I was the winner of the Lulu tank!!! I never missed a work out, I never felt like not going to the gym, because her workouts are different from the original boring squat and lunge everyone knows about. I'm 100% happy with this transformation. Remember this is only ONE MONTH. If you're contemplating on getting her plan JUST DO IT like Nike, hunny! Btw... Did I mention I can literally FEEL the difference in my booty when I walk?! As long as you work for it, it will work for you NO DOUBT. My boyfriend made a comment and I told him to thank Sweetheart Suzie! Can't wait for plan 2!"

Instagram - @ustin_charlene

"I bought Suzie's leg/booty plan 1 four weeks ago and it has completely changed my view on fitness and my overall health! I now look forward to going to the gym during the week and I love that just after four weeks I can see progress in my legs/glutes! Suzie has been nothing but supportive and helpful throughout the whole process! I just purchased leg/booty plan 2 and cannot wait to see how these next four weeks go! I am so thankful that Suzie takes the time to create these fantastic plans!"

Instagram - @mikialalivingston

"This girl is amazing! I have been inspired by her for a long time now and I am so happy shes creating plans and achieving her goals! Her leg program was unreal. It was difficult and helped me see how much it really does take to see results. Shes always there to support you and is just as excited as you to see your progress. I'll continue to incorporate this plan into future workouts. Xoxo"

Instagram - @bdtfit

"Suzieb's leg/glute plan could easily be altered to increase or decrease intensity. I would be sore for days, even after the plyometric days. My strength increased, the booty was lifted, and my legs felt tighter after the 4 weeks. Overall great plan. I cannot wait for the next one!"

Instagram - @greeneyez113

"I bought ur plan couple weeks back and I can say hands down this is the best plan by far!!! I have noticed how much rounder my glutes are. I am sooo looking forward to more from you, keep up the great work!!! I am soo pleased w my purchase!!! I can't wait to purchase more from you, and I love the fact that you communicate with us!! Thanks again."

Jessica F.

"Suzie is just all around an awesome chick in & out! She is the sweetest and most hard working person. Girls let me tell you she KNOWS what she is doing when it comes to fitness! Her leg/glute program is everything I was lookin for. I can honestly say because of her I really enjoy going to the gym now, nothing is better than going in with a plan. My lower body is stronger and more toned than I could have hoped for! Not only is her plan amazing she helps you along the way! Every time I had a question or concern she was right there to help. I can't wait to get my hands on more of her plans!"

Instagram - @katie11xoxo

Being a full time working wife and mom of two young kids, I found it hard to find the time to exercise and incorporate it into my day. I've never had a gym membership and, since having my first kid 5 years ago, I did not do one ounce of exercise, like not even a single push-up or sit up (I could sit here all day and give you my excuses of what prevented me from starting).

I am so thankful I came across @suzie_kb Instagram page. I've been following her for a few months now. She has brought back my motivation and has been such an inspiration in my life. Suzie has relit a fire in me that has been out for years.

When Suzie came out with her Leg Home Plan Vol 1, I purchased it immediately. It is perfect for me because I am able to work out in my backyard while keeping an eye on my kids or in my basement while they’re sleeping.

I've completed the 4 weeks, and loved it so much, I immediately restarted it. I am currently back on week 2. I love Suzie's leg home plan because it continues to challenge me and it is such a great work out. I get a great sweat in, my heart rate is up, my muscles in my legs and booty definitely feel it every time and it doesn't take forever (oh and it's inexpensive, you have it forever and you don't need a lot of equipment).

I keep in touch with Suzie in regards to my progress and she has been so super supportive and motivating in my fitness journey as I go from fluffy to fit.

I definitely recommend her Leg Home Plan Vol 1. I'm hoping she comes out with Vol 2 and an Upper Body Home Plan.

Thank you Suzie for being so amazing and having so much realness to you. You’re the best!!